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Hi, I’m Paul. I’m an estate planning attorney serving residents in Brookfield, Waukesha, and surrounding areas. My goal is helping my clients attain their most valuable assets and then protect them for future generations. Working closely with top financial professionals I help families of all sizes and types plan for today in order to enjoy tomorrow.

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Estate Planning

While you may be young and healthy today, death is inevitable. So it is important that you have as much control over your finances and property in death as you do when you are alive. In the event that you become incapacitated or die, it is important that those close to you know exactly what you want and act in accordance with your wishes.

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Wills Attorney | Brookfield & Elm Grove, WI


If you have children or assets that you care about, then a Will is a must. A Will is designed to protect your minor children by designating who becomes their Guardian. It also stipulates how your estate is distributed after you die. Without a will, you’re leaving the court system to make these important decisions for you. That is definitely not a good idea. Don’t let that happen.

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Margerie Law | Trust Attorney


Trusts allow a third party, or trustee, to hold your assets on behalf of your designated beneficiaries. Since trusts usually avoid probate, they allow your beneficiaries to control your assets much quicker than going through probate court, which can take years. Trusts can also help save on court fees, and may also reduce estate taxes.

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The Family Protection & Estate Preservation Plan

Our tailored 6-step approach to ensuring that you get what you need to protect and preserve your family’s legacy.

Margerie Estate Planning Attorney, Brookfield

What Our Clients Are Saying

Paul has handled a number of legal issues for my wife and I, my clients and family. Most recently, after my father passed, he helped update the Will and POA documents for my mother. Know that those things were completed gave my mother, my family and myself great peace of mind. I would go to Paul with any legal issue – always knowing that if he didn’t feel like he could do the best for me, he would refer me to a specific specialist. I consider Paul to be a great resource for anyone who needs to know they can trust the people they work with.

Michael Stelter
Michael Stelter

Paul and his firm watched over my interests during an emotionally difficult time of loss in our family’s lives. Although I was unfamiliar with the circumstance that I was to deal with, I quickly became confident in his opinion and guidance. Paul was always willing to help with even the smallest details at the very end of his day. I will never forget his compassion, kindness and leadership at this low point in my life when I could not think clearly on my own. My family and I owe Paul a debt of gratitude for his expertise and care.

Loni Jaeger
Loni Jaeger

Attentive and Responsive! While I’m certain the sale of my house wasn’t the most pressing piece of business Paul had on his plate that week, I was certainly made to feel like I was his most important client. Being new to the process I had a number of questions for Paul and his team and required a little extra hand holding, but I was always responded to quickly and with great professionalism and accuracy. Thanks Paul!!!

Ron Grumley
Ron Grumley

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